Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still Tweaking the Blog

As I look back at my previous posts, I see things that I may need to tweak a little.  Google made setting this thing up very easy.  I chose a plain template that looks nice, and I have added some good links at the bottom, all movie related, of course.  They put ads on the page, so it doesn't cost the blogger anything.

If you notice a link on the right to rate blogs, it was a site I found and signed up for.  They look at blogs that are submitted and put some kind of rating on them, then list them for people who are looking to join discussions about many different subjects.  I would like to see this blog become (at least) semi-popular, but from what I read, I may be typing for months before the general public finds me!

I found a good blog at the Turner Classic Movie web site at  They post every few days about topics that roughly follow the TCM broadcast schedule.  They also make it easy to post comments, and what I read in the blog and comments seems intelligent and on topic.  As I continue writing, I will try to keep this blog as classy as I can!

Talking about class, I think Keye Luke was a class act.  His roles were never really huge, but many were bigger than bit parts.  His early success was in the Charlie Chan series, were he played Charlie's "Number One Son," Lee Chan.  That was in the 1940's with Warner Oland and Roland Winters.  (He was actually older than Winters, who played his father.)  Luke's acting career spanned 1934 to 1990 and 198 roles, according to IMDB.

His biggest success was probably a regular role on the TV hit Kung Fu in the '70's, but he had well over 100 other parts between 1940 and Kung Fu.  He was still acting Asian parts in the '80's, and appeared in M*A*S*H on TV, and the movie Gremlins.

Alas, his only award was a Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.  Actors like Keye Luke were important to the atmosphere of the movies and TV shows they were in.  I hope I can help them to be recognized and appreciated.  Put a Keye Luke film on your Netflix queue!

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