Friday, June 11, 2010

A Rom Com!

I know, just the other day I said that bit part actors were few and far between in romantic movies.  Then I watched Sleepless in Seattle again.  Maybe I was wrong.

Of course, I love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.  Put them together and they really click.  I believe they were in three films together, Joe vs. the Volcano, Sleepless and You've Got Mail.  Joe wasn't great but the other two were, and I think Sleepless in Seattle is destined to become a classic.

Who else was in it?  Rob Reiner had a relatively small role as one of Tom Hanks' friends.  I would consider it a bit part, but of course, Reiner is no bit actor.  He divides his time between acting, writing, producing and directing.  I wonder how he keeps track of what he is doing in each project?

The two young stars in the film are interesting to watch as they develop.  Jonah was played by Ross Malinger and Jessica was Gaby Hoffman.  It is usually very hard to break out of child acting roles, and many have failed, becoming depressed later in life.  I hate seeing some very good young entertainers wreck their lives by resorting to an alternative, or even destructive lifestyle in an effort to get some publicity.

Hoffman's career was off to a good start with Field of Dreams starring Kevin Kostner when she was seven.  She made Sleepless when she was eleven, and later was in Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones at the age of fifteen.  She worked with a lot of great stars and I wish her well.

Malinger was nine when he made Sleepless and since then has spent most of his time on TV and doing voice overs for animation.

An interesting portrayal of a babysitter was presented by Amanda Maher as Clarise.  She had maybe two words in the film and looked pretty spaced out every time you see her.  Her part was so obvious and noticeable, that I had to look her up.  This was her only film.  I wonder why?

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