Monday, May 10, 2010

New blog about great bit part actors

Let's start a blog about all the bit part actors and the movies they made great! I will try to put in my two pence, and I hope others will find the site and continue the discussion. I would like to focus on classic movies including silent films, but I know that it may stray into newer arrivals...and that is all OK.

It may be hard to separate bit actors from stars, so let's keep it wide open. Think about people like Jack Albertson, who had a very important bit part in his third film, Miracle on 34th St. As you (hopefully) remember, he played the postal sorter who had the idea to empty all the dead letter storage by sending to the courthouse, all the mail addressed to Santa. In a very small part, he saved Kris Kringle from being committed to an institution. No bit actor, he!

My hope is that this will be informational, intelligent, bring back some memories, and most of all, be fun. I will share my knowledge and experiences with the few stars, and bit actors and actresses I have met, and I invite you to do the same.

If you have met a star (we'll call bit actors and extras "Stars" as well) please post. If you have had an interesting movie experience, please post. Blog about your interests and your favorite bit stars.

Let's see how this goes. ENJOY!

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