Monday, December 20, 2010

Bit Actors Blog Label Problem

I was just looking at my blog layout.  My problem is that there are a LOT of subjects in my chosen topic.

A few weeks ago I added a label cloud on the right of my blog.  It would allow you to look for a name or title, and simply click on it to go to relevant posts.  I have now added labels for about half of my existing posts, and the cloud is really looming large.

I changed it to an alphabetical list, which isn't much better, but it is easier to read.  I am afraid if I continue adding labels, the list will be much longer than the page allows, causing it to look off balance.

I still think labels are a good thing, so I will continue adding them.  I hope I can find a solution.  Maybe I can figure out a way to put the labels as a separate page.  I can make two label lists, one for titles and one for names, but that is considerably more time consuming.

I hope you keep reading!  I am still having fun writing about my friends.  Any suggestions from experienced Blogspotters can be left in the comments or sent to me at

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