Friday, January 14, 2011

CMBA Hitchcock Blogathon Coming Soon to an Internet Near You!

On Monday, January 17, 2011, the Classic Movie Blog Association will have its second Blogathon.  The topic for members to write about will be Alfred Hitchcock, and I am sure you will see quite a variety of movies, topics and opinions covered.  The members of CMBA are quite wide spread, ranging from a 12 year old classic movie buff in England, to a young woman in Chile, and everything in between.

I have been a member of the CMBA since WAAAAY back in 2010, and I have found the members and their blogs to be very informative and entertaining.  This is the place to be for talk about movies.  I have even fostered some new friendships here, although I may never meet those new friends.  Such is the Internet.

This will be my very first Blogathon, and I will cover Hitch's 1955 sleeper, The Trouble With Harry

I will post a list of the CMBA Blogathon entries on Monday in my post, so make sure you check out ALL of the other posts about Hitch and his work.  There WILL be a quiz!


  1. THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY was unlike any other Hitch flick, so I am looking forward to reading your write-up of it!

  2. Thanks again. Yes it is different, and sort of charming, in an odd way. I'll be looking forward to figuring out what to write!


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