Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary to My Blog

Today marks the beginning of Year #2 for the Bit Part Actors Blog.  I started my blog last May 10th in an attempt to retain my sanity and channel some creative thoughts to a place that may bring some entertainment to anyone who cares.  I hope it worked!  It has certainly been a learning experience.
I also wanted to bring more recognition to the people (and animals...and I did a robot once!) who play a smaller part in the movies and TV shows that we love.  These small parts are very important to the production, and can dramatically change the feel and quality of a story.

From my early days at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA, to my last Sons of the Desert meeting, I have always enjoyed movies, and after meeting several stars from the old days, I thought it would be good to share my experience and opinions.  The Internet is an easy way to make opinions and information public.  If everyone can share their own, first hand stories of the famous and less than famous, we will get a better picture of how Hollywood works.

My blog is not really a place for movie fans, but rather for buffs.  Buffs study and try to understand the movie in its entirety, rather than just watch it on the surface for entertainment.  I won't be talking about the latest Leonardo DiCaprio film (Inception 2010), but rather I may talk about Talulah Riley (b. 1985) who played 'The Blond' in that movie, and who previously worked with Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice in 2005.

I also look for connections in productions and careers, rather than simple collaborations.  An example of a connection would be the wonderful career of Michael Douglas, who is the son of Kirk Douglas, who worked with Burt Lancaster and John Wayne, among others.  There is influence there.  The elder Douglas learned a lot and I am sure he passed it along.  Now Michael has children, and I'll be watching if they take the acting plunge.  Cameron Douglas (b. 1978) already has five acting credits on IMDb.  Dylan (b. 2000) and Carys (b. 2003) may not be far behind.
Since I started this Blog, I have also gotten onto Facebook.  I have befriended many celebrities, who don't really know me.  It is interesting to see what they publish on Facebook, plus there are some great pics available.  But don't just latch onto big stars.  Angelina Jolie isn't going to read her Facebook page every day and respond to your questions or comments.  You can get much closer to Bit Actors though.

I have among my FB Friends, Johnny Crawford who played young Mark McCain on "The Rifleman."  And also Chuck McCann who has quite a few roles on IMDb, and used to be the very best Oliver Hardy impersonator.  You can get much closer to these guys.  Crawford sends notices of where he is appearing from time to time. 

And I am making money!!!  As you may know, the ads on a web site are there to rake in the money from the advertisers every time you click on a link.  In just one year, I have made a total of $8.00 from Google's ad program.  When I reach TEN BUCKS they will send me a check.  I hope it's before Christmas.  ;-)

I have been featured on the MovieFanFare blog on the Movies Unlimited site.  I joined the Classic Movie Blog Association, and I now have quite a few friends in the blogosphere.  I hate that word, but I am thankful for the interaction we all share.

In closing, and to paraphrase Steve Martin in L.A. Story (1991), I hope you have enjoyed the interesting word usement I structure.  I will continue to write until we run out of Bit Actors and Actresses to talk about.  (That may take quite a while.)  I am very thankful for the nice comments I have received, both in the blog and in my e-mails.  Please feel free to contact me either way.  I will always reply.


  1. Happy anniversary. I would say you are quite successful in fulfilling your mandate. I very much enjoy your blogging.

    a fellow buff

  2. Congrats on your accomplishment BP! Wishing you many more years of a successful blog which I've truly enjoyed so far.

    The write ups that we do that provoke discussion on old film really has been an added bonus for me as well.

  3. Love your blog, Allen,and congratulations on your anniversary. Btw, I have a FB friend you may be interested in...Billy Gray (I was sooooo excited when he friended me). Best wishes for a wonderful second year of singing the praises of the unsung...

  4. Wow, and thanks to all of you. I guess people have been talking about movies for many years. I can't imagine what a thrill it would have been to see a silent film for the first time in a nickelodeon back in the early 20th Century. And look at where we are now.

    And, Eve, I do have Billy Gray as a friend on FB. Plus a director named John Carpenter. (Not the famous one!) As it turns out, Carpenter directed a modern silent film in the old style of slapstick, and I bought it on an anthology last year. I haven't watched it yet, but it looks interesting.


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