Thursday, July 15, 2010


Just for fun, I put my last name, Hefner, into IMDb to see what would come up.  Of course, I was expecting to see Hugh Hefner (no relation), but how many others would there be?

It turns out there are 45 Hefners listed in various positions in film making.  Hugh and his daughter Christie are the most famous in the list.  The breakdown: 12 of them are actors or actresses; 5 are writers; 3 art directors; 2 each in stunts, sound, editing, camera work and as directors; 1 each in visual effects, costumes and a producer; and the rest are listed as misc., thanks, or self.

OK, that's 12 actors and actresses in the family!  Well, let's not brag about it yet.  It appears that most of the female names in the list made adult movies, such as Strictly Sexual from 2008, rated R and featuring Sheri Hefner.  I guess they thought having a screen name with Hefner in it would be good for their career.  Most of the men only made a single film or TV show, except Jimmi Hefner who made one of each. 

So, back to Uncle Hugh, who is still no relation, but I like to call him uncle.  According to IMDb, Hugh M. Hefner was an actor in 6 films, and he appeared as himself in 193 productions.  If you look at the list, he was really only acting in 3 movies and 3 TV shows, and in one of the TV shows he played himself, so that one is mis-categorized.  He did play the President of the United States in Citizen Toxie - The Toxic Avenger IV in 2000.

How did daughter Christie do?  No acting roles and 9 appearances as herself, mostly documentaries and interviews.

I guess acting doesn't run in the Hefner family, except as Bit Players!  Have you checked your name in IMDb?

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