Monday, August 2, 2010

Do You Miss Joey Heatherton?

Do you even remember Joey Heatherton?  She was born in 1944 and was truly one of the sexiest singer/actresses to hit the screen.

She made a dozen films, some for TV, and appeared on a dozen TV shows as a guest star, all from 1960 to 2002.  She appeared nude in Playboy in 1997 at age 53.

Early in her career, she worked for Perry Como and Dean Martin.  She must have been quite fetching in her teens!  (How do you like the word fetching?)  She was a talented singer and dancer and eventually had a show in Las Vegas.

When she toured with Bob Hope and the USO Show between 1965 and 1977, Hope described her as "nine feet of girl in four feet of leopard skin."

Her film career didn't really amount to much, but there were a few good films.  Where Love has Gone in 1964 with Bette Davis, "Of Mice and Men" on TV in 1968 with George Segal, Bluebeard in 1972 with Richard Burton and Raquel Welch, and in a surprisingly bad film, she played Xaviera Hollander in The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington in 1977. 

Happy Hooker had an incredible cast!  George Hamilton, Ray Walston, Jack Carter, Phil Foster, Will Hutchins, Larry Storch, Billy Barty and Harold "Odd Job" Sakata.  I've never seen it, but I would venture a guess that there were more than a few beautiful women in the film as well, but it is still rated a stinker.  I guess it takes more than a large, famous cast to make a good movie.

Joey's career went downhill with her drug use, and now all we can hope for is a comeback.  Anything is possible.  I bet it would be easier if Dean Martin was still around.


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