Friday, September 10, 2010

Gettysburg (1993)

We watched Gods and Generals (2003) last night...I guess we were in a Civil War mood.  Gods and Generals was the prequel to Gettysburg but it was made 10 years later.  Gods and Generals was written by Jeff Shaara, who is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote Gettysburg.  Its a family thing.

As far as the town of Gettysburg, it is a wonderful place for any history buff.  My wife and I spent our honeymoon there.  We stayed in a bed and breakfast that was one of the original buildings on the battlefield near (Union) General Meade's headquarters.  The building was moved when the government bought the battlefield to preserve it.

The fun thing about Civil War movies and books is that the era is so well documented and there are so many historians and re-enactors out there, you can be sure that the more recent the movie, the more accurate it will be.

Both of these movies utilized re-enactors for realism.  Those guys and ladies are fanatics about getting it all right, plus they come with their own, period correct costumes and arms.  I heard they had a great time during the filming of Gettysburg because there were so many cannon used, it was almost like being there in 1863.

I had previously written about another Civil War movie, The General (1923) by Buster Keaton.  Maybe it was not very accurate, but it was based in fact.  And it is one of the best silent films ever made.

Lets look at some of the minor actors in Gettysburg and Gods and GeneralsTed Turner appears in both films as Col. Patton.  I believe he had something to do with producing them as well. 

If you watch anything about the Civil War on The History Channel, you will recognize the name Brian Pohanka.  Pohanka was in Gettysburg and he was the location advisor for the film.  Sadly, Pohanka died at age 50 of cancer in 2005 and did not appear in Gods and Generals.  I bet he would have liked to. 

My time for today has left me, so I must cut this post a little short.  I will try to pick up this train of thought tomorrow.  I would also like to do more research.  Stay Tuned!

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